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Welcome to my book, An English Gunmaking Heritage,,which took a year in the writing and was  the result of many an evening scribbling notes, describing processes, and general enthusing over  all things vintage shotguns and their restoration. Vintage shotguns are works of art and my book opens up the world of restoration to those that may have not dared set foot in it. My approach is based on thorough research and the expertise of friends in the gun trade in Birmingham, England: all true artisans and lovely people.

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As I am terminally ill, my intention is to offer this book on a donation basis to create a trust fund for my children, so you may pay whatever you choose and you will  receive a multi-media online access version, PDF AND an interactive IPAD e-Book.

Many thanks if you decide to buy the book. I hope you will find it a  really good read that  sheds light on many of the  processes required  to restore vintage shotguns, applying true Birmingham and London techniques. Please do donate whatever you like,  using the options below.